Monday, October 8, 2007

Stumbling into oblivion

I have absolutely nothing of import to discuss. I just had to have an excuse to use my fancy new technology.

Now, I realize that it is far from new (though still fancy) and that I am surely the bazillionth person to discover it, but that doesn't affect my excitement. I'm all aquiver.

Mark & I have a general rule regarding any technology in our house: if I find a program or application that I think I'd like, I run it by him first to make sure I don't end up playing global thermonuclear war with WHOPR.

In this case, it was actually Mark's idea to upgrade. He's been learning all about Firefox from his new co-workers, and is starting to think he'd like to use it to replace IE on all his systems. But I get to go first, like a guinea pig. Typical.

I'm really not complaining, though. I just downloaded Firefox at 9pm, and I've already discovered several cool addons that will make my computer experience easier and, I think, far more fun. And who doesn't like fun?

My first addon was StumbleUpon, of which I have heard such rave reviews from family and friends. I've been restraining myself, but I can totally see how it could become addictive very quickly. For the unititiated, StumbleUpon basically has you fill out a quick survey about what kinds of things you like to do online, then they put a "Stumble" button on your toolbar. All you do is click that button, and you will be taken to random sites that should reflect your interests. You can rate each page to get even better results in the future, but that's not required. Everyone I know who uses it just sits in front of their PCs clicking "Stumble" repeatedly until their heads explode. Great stuff!

I also added a cool application called Scribe Fire, which allows me to blog without navigating away from whatever else I'm doing at the time. So far it's just crazy convenient, but I have a feeling I'm not using it to it's fullest capacity.
I'm sure I'll find new things to love about it as the days go on.

Last, though certainly not least, is my FoxyTunes addon. It's a deceptively simple little program that establishes a small toolbar with all the buttons you would ever need to control whatever music player you use. The application supports about 30 different players, including the WinAmp I use. So, no more toggling back & forth for me to change the volume or skip a song. I can do that right in my browser. Quite excellent. It also has a setting that will automatically attach a "What I'm Listening To" line to the end of my blog posts. I've enabled that function, so we'll see if it works on this post.

That's all I've got. Mark (the husband) and Keith (the Laptop) are both very excited about this turn of events, and the possibility it holds. Stay tuned!

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