Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't Forget About COOL

As previously reported, my husband went off into the woods last weekend to spend some quality time with his siblings. I'm pretty sure they just drink & play Jenga, but I'm told the drinking is used as a tool to facilitate the bonding... There's still no excuse for the Jenga, though.

Apparently the cabin where they drank (& slept, one would assume) has a guestbook, in which people are encouraged to leave an account of their time in the wilderness. As you might guess, some pretty bizarre things have been written in it, so Mark always makes a point of perusing it during his stay.

This year, one entry was so good that they had to smuggle it out of the park to make copies for all and sundry. Thank you, Patty, for making copies & sending them out to everyone. You're such a good sister...

So here it is, complete and uncensored. Try to imagine Mark reading it in his Brak voice for full effect:

"We all came here on 7-13-07 to get away from Greenfield In. for a weekend. After we got a real COOL Racoon came out of the woods and ate crackers out of our hands. His name now is COOL, and he likes sour cream + chives crackers. The next morning I got up and had to poop that's why the comode does not flush right anymore. (Sorry) Don't forget about COOL.

"I woke up in the morning and had to poo And went to flush and to my surprise it wouldn't go down... But all in all it was a COOL time feeding the coons... tonight if we drink enough I want to pet one. Maybe even make coon Burgers or something... Oh yeah, Jason Vorhees was staying in cabin 8 so Be on the look out... Just got back from horse Back riding Everyones horse pooped But mine And then the garden hose popped out of the gignourmus horse I was riding and pee peed about 15 gals of pee on the trail. then we came Back to this cool air conditioned cabin."

I know it's pure supposition, but I'm starting to think that the Raymonds aren't the only ones who get drunk in that cabin.

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