Friday, October 12, 2007

My Swinging Bachelorette Pad

Yep, this is the life.

I've got the whole upstairs to myself for 2 full days (in theory). Mark's wandered off into the woods for the Raymond siblings' annual summit/rave. Imagine 4 drunks stumbling around in the forest and complaining about their childhood and I think you'll get the picture.

I've already annexed Mark's side of the bed for all the essentials that I usually don't have room to enjoy: snacks, tissues, all 6 remotes, purse, magazines. If I had adult diapers or a bedpan, I'd never have to get out of bed. He took my car, too, which I'm pretty sure was a signal that I need to order pizza delivery.

Of course, the truth is that I already miss Mark terribly, and by Sunday I'll have my nose pressed against the window looking for him. I have the parents to keep me company, but they're surprisingly uninterested in letting me cuddle with them in bed. Go figure. I don't know why - I'm delightful.

I'm always uneasy when Mark is going to be gone overnight. Don't get me wrong - I don't begrudge him his little vacation, and Lord knows he probably needs a break from me. But aside from the loneliness, there's the issue of who will take care of me while he's away. I don't mean to say that I need constant assistance or anything, but I've been spoiled by having him around. I have a propensity for mayhem, and Mark's always here to help me clean up my messes and/or dust myself off. I also have an unfortunate history of montrous calf cramps while sleeping, and my hands aren't strong enough to tackle them on my own. It's only happened once when he was away, but that was enough for one lifetime - it was awful.

So it's not all as rosy as I made it out to be. But, on the plus side, I am ordering pizza.

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