Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sordid tales of debauchery

This is a pre-emptive strike.

By this time tomorrow, there will undoubtedly be some blackmail-worthy photographs of both me and my husband (yet, oddly, not the two of us together) floating around on the interwebs.

I have only one thing to say:

We're really not quite as drunk as we look.

In my case, this isn't very important - the photos in which I appear are not so bad, so I don't feel the need to deflect any blame. Mark, on the other hand... Well, the "inebriated" excuse would have come in handy for him. Let's just say that he confirmed a lot of suspicions we all had regarding the nature of his relationship with his best friend & former college roommate (AKA Mr. Repressed), who also happens to be married to my sister. Laura and I were thrilled, of course, as were the unsuspecting fellow diners. Ah, young love!

At least he's keeping it in the family...possibly a little TOO much in the family. There are also some questionable pictures of Mark with my cousin, Erik. Again, we've always wondered about those two. They seem a bit too close, if you know what I mean. So the behavior is hardly surprising, although I DO question the decision to act that way right in front of their wives - their wives who were the Birthday Girls, and were SUPPOSED to be the belles of the ball. I'm afraid we were out-"belle"d by our loving husbands. Good times!

In closing, I want to wish Cindy a happy, happy birthday, and thank her ever so much for organizing our rowdy triple date. She was the only one of us who even pretended to behave herself at dinner. Also, let me give a rousing shout out to the folks at the Brazilian Grill Steakhouse in Indy. They were very indulgent of our shenanigans, PLUS they brought us all the meat we could collectively consume. We give it 6 thumbs up (or would it be 12?). It's a bit pricey, so will likely be a special-event restaurant for us, but I think we will definitely return - if they'll have us, that is. I'm expecting the sexual harassment papers any day from the poor server - MALE server, in keeping with the rest of the evening - to whom Mark professed his love. I married such a man-whore!

And, unfortunately, the pictures ARE accurate. *Sigh!*

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