Thursday, September 20, 2007

My new template (I call it Serenity Now)

For anyone out there who may be wondering about my new tropical template, I thought I would provide a bit of explanation.

I basically chose a template that I thought would work well with the photo I used for background in my header. I took that picture about 5 years ago while on a Disney World vacation with Mark. We were walking through our resort to catch the first bus to Magic Kingdom, and our surroundings were so beautiful in the morning light that I had to stop and take a few pictures to try to capture it.

I generally take lousy photographs - I maintain that I've only taken 2 good ones in my life. But that is my very favorite photo, mostly because it just makes me feel peaceful. I used to tack it up in my cubicle at work for those stressful days that always come along, and just looking at it would give me a sense of calm. So, I decided to try to bring some of that feeling to everyone who reads my blog.

And if anyone was wondering about the 2nd good photo I've taken... well, it was a bit more recent.

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