Friday, September 28, 2007

Random thoughts from my day:

  • I was really excited about tonight's new episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but now I feel a bit let down. To be fair, we only watched the first of the two episodes before Mark had to crash. I guess the best way to describe the episode we saw would be "lackluster". It definitely was not the laugh riot we have come to expect - especially from an episode entitled: "The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty McGoo". That should be guaranteed comedy gold. Sadly, it was not.
  • MySpace sucks. Hard.
  • I never thought the day would come when another machine would dare challenge my TiVo for my affections, but I was clearly mistaken. The hubby got me a brand-new-to-me, mostly-shiny, gently-used laptop computer for my birthday/anniversary. It's hardly state-of-the-art, but then again, neither am I. It's gently rolling me right into the 21st century, and that's just the right pace for me: a slow roll. That's not to say that Keith is slow (yup, I named it Keith). He's actually much faster than most of the computers in this house, especially the trusty old desktop I used up until last week. I already forget his name... Anyway, Keith & I have begun to develop a deep and meaningful relationship. I would thank my husband for the thoughtful gift, but I haven't seen him since he hooked Keith up to the wi-fi a few days ago. I'm sure he's around here somewhere... I'll track him down the next time I need some tech support.
  • Did I mention that MySpace sucks? Like, a LOT? I know, I've been saying this for years. Well, I guess it's really only been weeks, since I've only been on MySpace since the beginning of July. It just feels like years. When I first set up my profile, I didn't really have any basis of comparison. It was my first foray into online networking and blogging, and I'm not very tech-savvy (obviously). I needed a lot of hand-holding, and figured that MySpace was probably a good choice for that. WRONG! That's not to say that I didn't learn from the experience... I've picked up a lot about social networking & the blogosphere very quickly, and not entirely by choice. The MySpace experiment has turned out to be one marathon technical difficulty, and I had to scour the 'net for tweaks, fixes and alternatives just to keep my head from exploding. You haven't lived until you've spent 4 hours carefully setting every font in the right place and every color in just the right shade, just to find the next day that MySpace somehow arbitrarily changed or even deleted your code. I liken MySpace to the Bermuda Triangle - up becomes down, black becomes white, and no rhyme or reason can penetrate the dark mystery of its many failures. My husband works in html for a living, and after many tearfilled pleas, has tried to help me figure out what the hell is going on. But even he, Director of IT for a web development firm, has yet to create any code that can withstand the dreaded MySpace Curse. So, I officially give up. Keith & I are going to start seeing other blogs. I stuck a lovely pre-made Blackadder layout on that puppy, and I'm just gonna let it ride. It's disappointing, since I had so much fun those first few weeks setting it up, and such high hopes for keeping it updated and interesting. I will continue to attempt to update items to it weekly like I have been, but from now on, I will not try to overcome the inane technical obstacles that will inevitably come up. I've found far better things to do with my time, like setting up this blog exactly the way I want it. It's like a beautiful, beautiful dream... So, expect to start seeing lots of video clips popping up over here as I try to wean myself away from MySpace. *sigh*
  • "This is so totally going on my blog..." For any How I Met Your Mother fans out there who missed Monday's premiere episode, there is a new web page that you won't want to miss. I've just added a widget to my sidebar that accomplishes the same thing, but it just doesn't have that creepy, ominous feel. I recommend you still check out Marshall's version here. Now, in case you've missed it, here are a few clips to help explain everything:

Let the countdown begin!

(I've noticed that these clips aren't loading too well in Blogger, so if you're having difficulties too, just check out the clips on YouTube here and here. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

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