Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It Lives!

"Many miles away something crawls from the slime at the
Bottom of a dark Scottish lake..."

It... is... alive! Barely, but I think that still counts.

Finishing out Day 9 of the plague that has taken over my family, and I'm finally starting to feel a little bit human again. I'm still completely wiped out, but the fever, chills, nausea and even some of the cold symptoms have begun to pass.

I know it will be days or even weeks before I'm back to normal (whatever that means), but I rejoice in any sign, however small, that the pestilence that has been visited upon us is finally lifting.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me & sticking around here even without any recent updates. Thanks also for your kind get-well messages - I really appreciate all the warm wishes. I hope to get back in the swing of blogging by the end of this week, assuming that my health continues to improve (knock wood). I really miss it & I can't wait to get started.

I'll check in again soon. Until then, it's back to bed for me. Hopefully I'll be up & around before New Years... ;>)

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