Friday, November 2, 2007

All Work and No Play Make Barbara Something-Something

This has been a busy week around the old homestead.

Aside from obsessing about my blog template issues (which I think are all worked out now, thank God) and all the Halloween hi-jinks (see previous post), I've also been elbow-deep in lots of other shenanigans. Such as:
  • Planning & executing a super-secret 60th birthday party with (potentially) 60 guests for a woman who not only lives in my house, but has also never made it to any function on time - including her children's weddings, her husband's open-heart surgery, her own surgeries, and numerous parties in her own home.
  • Gathering & arranging photographs for a collage, a personalized calendar and a 30-minute slideshow with music & effects for the above-mentioned birthday girl.
  • Learning far more than I ever wanted to know about the differences between a C corporation and an S corporation, and the tax ramifications of each. Apparently my position as Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager of Ghost In The Machine, Inc. comes with some unsavory duties. To be fair, Mark warned me about that, but I thought he was just talking about sex stuff. Lesson learned...
  • Setting plans in motion (scheduling, budgeting, shopping, etc.) for the other upcoming festivities: Thanksgiving, Alex's birthday, Christmas (which includes 2 small family gatherings and the yearly huge bash) & New Year's.
I'm not complaining about any of this - it's not like my time is at a premium or anything. It just kind of took me by surprise. It's actually good for me to have some structure to my days, but I do have to be really vigilant about scheduling myself properly and make sure that I don't push myself too hard. If I don't, I'll end up flat on my back, drugged out of my gourd, and missing all the fun stuff I worked so hard to plan.

So, I may be spending a bit less time with my blogging, at least for awhile. Real life beckons, and I must heed the call. But I will undoubtedly still be lurking around, and I'll do my best to check in as often as I can.

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