Wednesday, August 15, 2007

John Gibson is an assclown

I don't purposely subject myself to Fox News any more than I have to, and this is particularly true of their radio network. If I want to be nauseated, I can usually find much more enjoyable ways to do it.

Because of this, I only heard about this through my hero and secret boyfriend, Keith Olbermann. I trust him to keep me up to date on the latest Fox News atrocities, and so far he has never let me down.

I do realize, however, that despite all his good qualities, Keith is not exactly unbiased, particularly toward John Gibson. He despises the man. So I thought it behooved me to actually listen to the broadcast in question, just to make sure Keith wasn't exaggerating or misrepresenting anything. He wasn't - but judge for yourself:

Lucky for us all, Keith Olbermann - always at the ready - came to the defense of basic human decency:

(Special thanks to the Keith Olbermann Fans on MySpace for providing the links.)

In conclusion, John Gibson in a no-talent assclown. And Keith Olbermann is, once again, my hero.

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