Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Parody Up With Which We Dare No Longer Put

I realize I'm a bit behind the times here, but upon catching myself watching this clip for about the millionth time, I decided I'd be remiss if I didn't go ahead & post it.

Any of you who have visited here previously will certainly be aware of my deep and abiding love for my secret boyfriend Keith. So is it wrong that I laugh so hard at this every single time? I think not - one of Keith's most endearing traits is a healthy sense of humor, especially of the self-deprecating variety.

For any of you who haven't seen this yet, be forewarned that this sketch is extremely lo-o-ong. They took a creditable stab at reenacting an entire episode of Countdown in about 9 minutes. But if you have the time, I recommend you give it a viewing.

Indeed, justice and decency demand you so to do.


Laura said...

Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms, yo!

Melissa B. said...

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