Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Cat Daze of Summer

Oh, my poor little girls!

As I mentioned yesterday, the extreme heat and lack of central air in our house have had a noticeable effect on the cats' behavior... I didn't think it possible that they could be even more lazy than they already were, but yet again I have been proven wrong.

Anyone wandering our halls today would have been witness to scenes of carnage such as these:

Apparently, the goal here is to remain as low as possible. It was downright dangerous to walk through the house today, riddled as it was with comatose felines. This is the most I could get Annie to lift her head for me:

And poor Blackie ran out of steam before she even made it to the food bowls, although I see it hasn't yet affected her healthy physique:

I did have a bit more luck getting Blackie to raise her head off the floor & look at me when I called her... although the results would indicate that I probably should have left well enough alone:

Aahhh! Get thee behind me, Satan!!

Luckily for all of us - and just in time, if that last photo was any indication - the talented & delightful Steve from AirTron hooked us up with some new A/C parts this afternoon, and consequently the climate in our lovely abode is becoming more hospitable by the moment.

If you need proof, here's Blackie about 5 minutes ago, back in one of her normal snuggly places - on the bed, nestled in her daddy's warm comforter:

Still lazy, to be sure, but oh-so-much more comfy!

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the repressed one said...


You need an old vet and a young vet.

The power of Purina compels you! The power of Purina compels you!

Either that, or you should consult Tobin's Spirit Guide to see if some ancinet Mesopotamian god has taken up residence in Esmeralda. Did she sound like she was saying "Zuuuullllll" when she meowed? :)

Barbara Raymond said...

No, no Zuul yet, although whatever was possessing her was definitely not pleased that I was taking pictures.

I just remember hearing: "The joyfulness is over... Slides are awailable in the gift shop."