Thursday, July 19, 2007

His stupidity is effervescent...

So, last night I'm minding my own business, kicking back with some dill pickle spears and a little Olbermann - perfect ending to the day, right? Of course, Keith can't make it through the entire hour without kicking a little caca on Bill Orally. He's actually made it into an art.

There was a whole segment devoted to Billo's unnatural fixation with graphic sexual details in his interview with Miss New Jersey. So far, typical Keith - very amusing. In the daily Worst Persons in the World segment, he revisits Billo on another topic - his repeated assertions that the Daily Kos is just like the Nazis. Ridiculous, to be sure, but certainly par for the course.

Then this happened.

Regarding Herr O'Reilly, Keith said: "His stupidity is effervescent. It glows. It fairly undulates and vibrates... I'll stop now. I'm getting Billo excited."

Has anyone out there ever tried to inhale a dill pickle spear? I would consider filing suit against MSNBC if I didn't think the whole thing was so damn hysterical. Shouldn't you warn a person before uttering what just might be the MOST AWESOME PHRASE EVER??

If you missed it the first time, you can see it here:

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